Friday, July 17, 2009

Sound Session

Last week, I went to Black Rep for Afro-Sonic. And how 'bout that Sidy Maiga dragging me onstage and inviting me to play?

I had a great time, and some wonderful new blisters to show for my set. (I was playing someone else's drum. Thanks, Mike, for letting me sit in....)

I tell you what. I have gotten over my fear and all I feel when I play is JOY.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Soaked to the skin

My new goatskin is soaking in the kitchen. I love the smell of it. A gentle, slightly oily, animal smell that reminds me of my days on the farm.

This skin is preshaved, so it has the texture of razor stubble. It is very different from the oh so smooth surface of my old skin. Perhaps I will sand it smooth after it dries. Or maybe I will just play it as is.

In any case, no more spots. This was a black goat with a solid color.

I took off my old skin before it tore completely.... I was able to trim it into a circle and it is now hanging on the wall of my office. That skin taught me everything I know about drumming. I hope this new skin takes me to the next level of my journey. I hope I grow to love it as much as the old one.

The shell, by the way, is an object of such beauty in it's naked state. It, too, has a heady fragrance... the remnants of the old goat along with the strong smell of the wood itself. Inside the bowl, it is carved in an intricate spiral pattern that eases the sound down into the base. It is really a piece of art.