Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I smell like a goat

Well, actually, my car does. And I admit, I kinda like it.

We brought 40 drums to my kids' elementary school this afternoon. Congas, djembes, one now broken ceramic doumbek, a few djun djuns. Most of the drums were in Sidy's second floor apartment, in the kitchen, the den, the dining room. Stacked here and there. We hauled them down a tiny back staircase and piled them carefully into my car. The djembes were easy. The congas were a harder because of their shape.

Sidy reheaded 5 of the djembes a couple of days ago and they still smell like wet skin, which is why my car now smells a little like a barn.

Tomorrow we are bringing another 20 or so drums and will spend the day letting the kids in the school play together, 60 at a time.

Holy cow.

No, goat.

Can't wait.

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