Sunday, February 3, 2008

3 more days....

I have three more days before we leave for Vietnam and I am debating whether to bring my small drum. Honestly, I think I will try and pack it if we have room. It seems impossible to imagine nearly three weeks without playing, especially since I have been hearing the dun dun rhythm in my head all day.

Which, by the way, leads me to make this statement:

Beware of redheads with drumsticks. And I don't mean chicken legs.

I asked my son Noah if I could borrow the drumsticks I gave him a few months ago so I could practice the part I learned yesterday. I have been walking around the house banging on any surface that isn't breakable. I remember the two parts, but still can't figure out how to put them together without my brain exploding.

3 more days.

I wonder if the folks sitting in coach on United Airlines flight 743 to Hong Kong will mind me banging on the back of their seat for 16 hours?

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