Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow! Sleet! Rain!

I had a previous engagement today, so I was going to have to miss going to Warren and sitting in on the class there. But, YES! The party got postponed. But NO. The class got canceled too.

Sigh. I am such a drumming junky I was willing to drive through horrendous winter weather in order to sit with fellow skin addicts and play for an hour and a half.

As it is, I have found a fun little program for practicing. Audacity is a freeware audio program that lets you record and edit separate tracks. Since I am using a set of headphones with a mic attached, I can record layers of tracks on top of one another. Which means I can lay down an accompaniment rhythm and then solo over it and hear what it sounds like. This is GREAT fun.

Perhaps I'll work on some today and upload it for your listening pleasure. Scared? You should be!

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