Monday, January 7, 2008

Sidy's djembe classes start tonight

I am getting excited.

My teacher is home from Mali and our class meets tonight for the first time in over a month. I can barely contain myself. (Deep breaths...)

Yesterday I ran through Sounou and Dansa with barely a wobble. Even got the pickups and breaks right, I think.

It looks like the classes will have a bunch of folks, too, which is exciting. The kids class has 6 and the adults will have around 8, I think.

On New Year's Eve I had a bit of a shock when I walked past Black Rep and realized that they were closed. There was a cryptic sign on the door saying they were closed until further notice due to construction. Later I found out that the ceiling had fallen in over the stage. Thanks to God that it was a few hours before the performance and no one was hurt. Since Black Rep is still closed tonight, we are meeting at Grace Church for the classes. I think it is going to be wonderful!

So, if you are planning to come down, Grace is on the corner of Westminster and Matthewson, a block down the street from Black Rep.

For Children's Djembe, get there at 6pm. Adults are at 7pm.

I will see you there!

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