Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Big Mali Adventure

North America? Check
Europe? Check
Asia? Check
Africa? Bring it on, baby!

I think this might actually happen. Sidy is planning a 2 week workshop in Bamako in January, 2009 and I am thinking that unless some kind of disaster strikes, I am going!

He is going to arrange for a house for us to stay in and we'll take drumming and dance classes every day, then go to social events and parties in the evenings and on weekends. Want to come? Check his website for updates as the details start to come together. You can email me, too, to get on a mailing list for information.

Bamako 2K9.

Oh yeah.


AndrejL said...

Aha, I see. Your master is from Bamako.

If you'll get the chance to see some mature (not teenagers) players performing on a celebration, please post a video!

Good luck!

Rachel said...

Hey Andre,

I will certainly have a video camera with me, so I will keep an eye out for old drumming masters.

But I think you should just come with us and video tape them yourself!