Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Playing with kids and a goodbye of sorts

Last night Sidy was sick, so he asked me if I would teach the kid's class.

Uh, Yeah! It was great fun. I asked the kids to teach me the rhythms they have been working on and they did. At one point we were floundering a bit, so Sidy came over and showed us the proper way to play it, but after that we were on our own. It was good fun.

Later, for the adult class, we were working on Wassolonka. We got a new part to it, which I like a lot, even though it is very simple. But Sidy told us that next week is our last week playing Wassolonka before we move on to a new piece. It has been three months now. Time to say goodbye to it.

I am excited about what is next.

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