Saturday, March 22, 2008

A splitting head-ache

There I was, happily playing away this afternoon, when I noticed a bump on the head of my drum. How very strange, I thought as I leaned over for a closer look.

Then, to my absolute horror, I realize that the bump is in fact a tiny bit of the skin that is splitting on the edge. My heart stopped. My throat clutched. I looked around for a bag to breathe into.

Then I called my teacher to ask if there is a way to prevent the whole thing from splitting apart.

He reassured me that even if it splits, he will put a new head on it for me. He has beautiful new skins from Mali. And I know he loves this drum as much as I do. He will do a great job.

But, I LOVE my drumhead.

I guess as a player, I have to get used to the fact that these things don't last.



James said...

Even that which is just born has already begun it's process of dying...

....unless you use superglue and toilet paper :)

Rachel said...

LOL, James!

I think we are going to try the glue route. I am bringing my drum over to my teacher's tomorrow. At this point, it can't hurt, right?

And I think I better just get used to the fact that drum heads need replacing now and then.

Can I make a pillow out of it when it finally goes?