Thursday, March 20, 2008

Vouloir ce pouvoir

Roughly translated "If you want it, it can happen" Or perhaps it is more of an imperative.... "If you want it, make it possible"

Sidy told me this Malian saying when I told him that I want to be a better drummer.

Today, as I requested, we worked on my repeating edge patterns. First, I have to get better at making distinctive tones and slaps. I need more practice with this.

Next, we started working on some of the subtle rhythms from Wassolonka. I am training my ear to hear how it is supposed to sound. He has me singing the part then playing it. We were working on the 6th voice of the piece, which I learned last week. I realized, finally, that I was over-emphasizing the initial bass and had to put the emphasis on the tone that follows instead. That shifted the sound enough for the rhythm to start to emerge. I can't tell you how cool it is to work on something and then finally get it.

Of course I will probably forget it by Monday's class, but I think now that I have played it correctly, it will be easier to get it right next time.

What joy this is.

Tonight I am going to the drumming circle at the Blackstone River Theater. Hope to see you there!

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