Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sore fingers

We had a great class tonight. We met at the church and left the front door open, so periodically, folks would step in off the street and listen for awhile. One guy, who I think was drunk, sat in with us until he got too disruptive and we had to take his drum away. Too bad.

But oh, I just can't believe what a joy it is to play a djembe. Lisa, our dun dun player, is taking lessons and has been getting really good really fast. Sometimes I am grooving to her beat so much I just want to drop my drum and dance with her. But it is even more fun to play the djembe part against the duns and hear how the rhythms play against one another.

I couldn't stop singing the new part we learned... all the way home: TTSTTSSS... I didn't want to eat dinner, just play. Didn't want to talk to my brother, who was over. Just play. I'd be playing right now if it wasn't so late.

Lord, God. Thank you for my drum. My teacher. My fellow players. Thank you.

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