Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Playing my drum to sing

There are a few rhythms that have repetitive edge hits. Dansa has one, Wassolonka has one... Sounou, too.

When Sidy plays them, it is like the drum is singing. It is beautiful. When I play them it sounds like someone slamming a 10 penny nail with a 1 lb. hammer. It is a sad story.

Part of the difference is that Sidy's tones and slaps are very distinctive. Part of it is that he is varying the tempo as he plays to give it texture. In my case, I am neither playing distinctive tones and slaps, nor varying the tempo. I just pound the edge of the drum in time and hope for the best.

So tomorrow, at my lesson, I want to work on the repetitive parts and see if I can get my drum to sing a little, too.

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