Sunday, April 13, 2008

And now for something completely different

Today I drove to Worcester to take a Bodhran workshop with Mance Grady. Bodhran is an Irish frame drum. You play it with a single stick called a tipper. The drum I borrowed from my friend Tom was actually made by Mance, who is a well known player, drum-maker and teacher here in New England.

I know one workshop isn't enough to really understand an instrument, but I found myself missing the complex, heady brew of African rhythms I am used to.

We played a couple of pieces during the workshop. A reel, a jig and even a polka. Tappety tappety tappety tappety.

I got back to Grace church this afternoon, just in time to sit down with Lucia and practice the new Mendiani parts for an hour before class time tonight.

For whiskey, I might pick Ireland. But for drumming, I'll take Mali!

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