Monday, April 7, 2008

A Mendiani ass-kicking


Learned the accompaniment and first two solo parts to Mendiani tonight and all I can say is, well, wow.

I recorded them, but truthfully, I am not too sure I am going to be able to make heads nor tails of the recordings. I'll have to ask my teacher to give me the hand positions so I can write them down.

We made a little agreement in class that if we learn the parts really well, he will demonstrate the dance for us. You can bet we'll all be practicing! Ha!

In other news, one of Sidy's drum heads split as he was tuning it and I offered to unstring the ropes for him so he can replace the head. So tonight after class, I sat and watched cheesy tv while undoing impossibly tight diamonds made with incredibly scratchy rope. I had to use a flathead screw driver to pry the ropes apart, but even so my hands are sore. The incongruity of sitting in front of the tube doing something that has been done for millennia was not lost on me.

Next I want to learn to string it back up again.

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