Saturday, April 19, 2008

Or not

I felt so high after the drumming circle last night. The big boy djembe players came and played fast and furious and I kept up with them pretty well.

For me, the highlight of the night was when I started playing the Sounou accompaniment and got 30 drummers to find the groove. One guy in particular actually figured out the handing and was playing away next to me. Then, when it was well established, I started playing the solo riffs. It was AWESOME! Playing solo to 30 back up drums was such a gas. And I think Sidy would have been proud that I even improvised on the phrase. And I was playing in the rhythm.

So how strange that today at my lesson I was having such a hard time with the third solo voice of Mendiani. I just could not get it. I couldn't even hear how I wasn't getting it. I just knew I didn't have it. At one point, I actually felt myself tearing up. The funny thing is I don't know exactly why I wanted to cry. I wasn't mad or frustrated. Just kind of sad.

Later I called my teacher and asked him to sing the part to me over the phone one more time so I could try and figure it out. But I am still not sure if I have it.

Up the mountain and then crash.

Maybe I am fighting a cold.


Spinning said...

The 3d accompaniment is *not* easy!
(these might be helpful... they are for me!)

BTW, totally agree on your previous post!

Rachel said...

Hey Spinning,

I think I have finally turned a corner on the part I was struggling with. Oddly, I couldn't remember the second solo either, but somehow didn't find that so upsetting. (Like I had more confidence I WOULD get it eventually.)

This has been an interesting week of ups and downs.


Rachel said...

PS: the cds look great. Thanks for turning me on to them.

Spinning said...

Michael's CDs are great - you can get all the basic patterns down. I haven't worked my way through more than a couple, and need to go back and review those... Since all the dunun parts are taught individually (not just djembe), I'm findring them even more helpful now.

BTW, the first one I started working with (in summer 2006) was Mendiani. So I hear you!!!

Spinning said...

Yikes - should be "summer 2007," not "2006."