Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Malians

Two of Sidy's friends joined us for class last night and the energy was unbelievable. We played the Mendiani parts harder and faster than we ever had before. Lisa was slamming on the dun duns. I was slamming on the djembe. I think the Malian drummers were impressed at how good we were. And you could tell that Sidy was having a ball. Maybe he was even a little proud of us.

It was funny, but lots of the other djembe students don't have the parts yet, so the sound was a little cacophonis...but I hung onto Lisa's dun duns for dear life and it kept me on track with the rhythm, which is exactly what the duns are supposed to do. She later told me that she was listening to me, too. It is a little like mountain climbers who rope themselves together for safety. In the midst of the multitude of drum voices, we are listening only to each other and to Sidy and are able to cling to the side of the mountain without falling into the abyss. And when one of us did fall, the other was there to help pull her to safety.

Let me tell you, the view from the summit was spectacular.

It was great fun playing with Malian drummers. I can't wait to do it again.

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